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Michela Caré
Michela Caré

photo by pg fb Arabba Fodom Dolomites

Arabba, the new Le Pale chairlift

In 2020 Arabba will present as an innovation an 8-seater chairlift, the first of the ski resorts, which will replace the old four-seater "Le Pale" plant.
The chairlift will be equipped with 44 seats with a dome, it will be able to carry up to a maximum of 3400 people per hour, followed by a route 921 meters long in 3 minutes with a speed of 5 m / s. The old plant will retire after 20 years of service. Next year should have been subjected to a costly general overhaul. Given the increase in skiers in the Veneto region over the past 15 years, the company Sit Boé di Arabba has presented in the Province the project of the new chairlift which is one of the main plants of the Sellaronda circuit in a counter-clockwise direction.