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Alessandro Genuzio
Alessandro Genuzio

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The study of a mega area in Valtellina with connections between Bormio, Livigno and Santa Caterina is underway

Al via lo studio di un mega comprensorio in Valtellina con collegamenti tra Bormio, Livigno e Santa Caterina
In the coming years in Valtellina a single mega ski area could arise that will include direct connections between all its main ski resorts, namely Livigno, Bormio and Santa Caterina.
According to an indiscretion launched in recent days by the Giornale di Sondrio, the maxi-link project would already be at an advanced stage of study and according to the local newspaper as many as 10 new ski lifts should be built to allow skiers to move on skis walk peacefully between the towns of Livigno, Bormio and Santa Caterina. According to the Giornale di Sondio, the Mountain Community would hold a 200-page study that envisages an investment of at least 100 million euros to complete the work. Soon the project will be presented to the Province and the Region that after an in-depth analysis will have to guarantee an important institutional support to the idea. If the project were to go to Lombardy, Valtellina in particular would be one of the largest Italian ski areas with over 200km of slopes, the result of the sum of the current 50 km guaranteed by Bormio, the 35km of Santa Caterina Valfurva and the 115km of Livigno . Will the dream become reality?