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Alta Valtellina: Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva, San Colombano

photo by puma
Snow Area Preview
update 9 September

Last snow:
9 September, 20 cm

The ski area of Alta Valtellina is spread over 170 km of tracks for a descent of 1,800 m, in a beautiful natural scenery in the heart of Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio.
On the border between Italy, Switzerland and Austria, the complex includes the most famous and noble resorts of Lombard: Bormio, Livigno, Santa Valfurva Catherine and St. Columbanus Valdidentro. The areas are all connected by a bus service, free for those who buy the Superski Alta Valtellina lift pass.
Thanks to the World Ski championships 2005 significant investments were made that have significantly improved the provision of facilities in the area.
Throughout the year you can go shopping in the area of Livigno or immerse yourself in Bormios hot springs that spring at a temperature of 38-41 ° C and allow you to spend a holiday of health and welfare.

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Al via lo studio di un mega comprensorio in Valtellina con collegamenti tra Bormio, Livigno e Santa Caterina

The study of a mega area in Valtellina with connections between Bormio, Livigno and Santa Caterina is underway

by Alessandro Genuzio
Tuesday 13 August 2019
In the coming years in Valtellina a single mega ski area could arise that will include direct connections between all its main ski resorts, namely Livigno, Bormio and Santa Caterina.
Dominik Paris: 'Sono stati due giorni fantastici'
Super-G Male Bormio 2018

Dominik Paris: "They were two fantastic days"

by Max Valle
Saturday 29 December 2018
Dominik Paris's declarations at the end of the Bormio World Cup men's super-G in which he triumphed, beating his success in the descent yesterday.
paris Innerhofer Bormio
Downhill Male Bormio 2018

Free descent Bormio, the declarations of Dominik Paris and Christof Innerhofer

by Michela Caré
Friday 28 December 2018
The comment by Dominik Paris and Christof Innerhofer after the first and second place in the free descent of Bormio.
Paesaggio Bormio

Bormio Bike Park: Downhill, Freeride and Cross Country in the heart of Valtellina

by Alessandro Bergomi
Monday 14 May 2018
At the foot of the Stelvio Pass, in the heart of the Valtellina, stands the Bike Park of Bormio, one of the most complete in Lombardy and in Italy in general. The slopes are located mainly on Mount Vallecetta and offer a 360 ° offer, with Downhill, Freeride and Cross Country routes.
Due nuove attrazioni nella ski area di Bormio per la stagione 2017-2018

Two new attractions in the Bormio ski area for the 2017-2018 season

by Max Valle
Saturday 14 October 2017
Bormio Ski, along with Young Mountain Marketing, has decided to create a fun area in Bormio 2000 with two new attractions, Funslope Bormio and Familypark Bormio.
Giorgio Rocca: 'Sarebbe bello usare lo snowfarming a Livigno anche per una gara di sci alpino'

Giorgio Rocca: "It would be nice to use snowfarming in Livigno even for an alpine ski race"

by Dario Puppo
Thursday 29 August
In Livigno on the occasion of the Palio delle Contrade 2019, Dario Puppo interviewed Giorgio Rocca one of the Livigno Team ambassadors.
Luca Moretti: 'Livigno corre e sogna con i Cinque Cerchi'

VIDEO - Luca Moretti: "Livigno runs and dreams with the Cinque Cerchi"

by Dario Puppo
Monday 29 July 2019
The 20 years of the Stralivigno with the record of registrations and the opening from today of the new track of athletics, hot topics of the last week, have been the cue to speak with the president of the Apt Luca Moretti of the offer summer labeled Little Tibet, already projected at the Olympic appointment of 2026.
16 ottobre 2016 Ghiacciaio Stelvio

Stelvio, the summer skiing season begins on 7 June

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 5 June 2019
Finally from Friday 7 June you can ski at the Stelvio Pass. The facilities will be open from 7am to 12pm.
passo Stelvio

Passo dello Stelvio, the opening of the plants due to avalanche risk postponed

by Michela Caré
Wednesday 29 May 2019
Today, the Società Impianti Funiviari allo Stelvio announced that the inauguration of the summer ski season has been postponed to a date to be determined (perhaps Friday 7 June) due to the danger of avalanches that do not allow the roads leading to the Passo dello Stelvio.
La 'Race Family' Fischer si da appuntamento a Livigno per i test di fine stagione

The Fischer "Family Race" is meeting in Livigno for the end-of-season tests

by Angelo Bonorino
Thursday 18 April 2019
It will be a week of Racing that is expected to start in Livigno starting next April 23rd. The new 2019/20 Racing collection will be available to Fischer athletes and all enthusiasts who want more information on the Austrian brand.