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photo by PegasoMedia

52° Scialpinistica dell'Adamello on the original path from Passo del Tonale

Roberta Pedranzini

Now in its 52nd edition, the longest ski mountaineering race with wide skis will be featured Sunday, March 11 at Passo del Tonale. The race will also be valid as the fourth leg of the Cup of the Dolomites, the circuit which takes place primarily in the eastern Alps, and, with the Adamello Ski Raid'' and'' of the Adamello ski mountaineering is pushed to the borders of Lombardy.

Adamello ski mountaineering during his half century has been the site of the Italian championship five times, one European Cup, a World Cup and a'' last time the World Cup final (2007). '' The Adamello SkiRaid, joined the ranks of the "Great Course" for gradients and crossings of hard work and athletic competition of ski club Ugolini alternate from year to year to race in history, in the ' 'undeniable charm of ridges and glaciers were the scenes of white war.

The endemic lack of snow of this winter has forced many of the races'' busy schedule to find lines in the woods and snow-covered slope channels, perverting the spectacular original locations. It is an'' exception'' of the Adamello ski mountaineering that, except for variations of the'' last hours, Sunday will confirm the traditional route with start and finish at Passo del Tonale at the ropeway. The route involves an ascent to 2450 meters, then the Devil's Pass, then down to Val This May, the ascent to 3069 meters of the top'' of the same name, the transition to Sguadrina, then a change to the skins of the truss fork (2850 meters ) and beaten and scattered houses of the'' last stroke lead at the finish of the Passo del Tonale.

There will also be competitions for cadets and junior categories, where the route will be developed on the slopes of the Tonale-Paradiso'' with a difference a little less than, less than 1000 meters.

Just for the beauty of its course are expected skialper best in Sunday's race, starting from the circuit Cup standings leader of the Dolomites, which sees in the men under the command of Filippo Beccari Fassa Ski Team with 180 points, ahead Matteo Pedergnana of'' Alta Valtellina with 150 points and Alexander Follador the Dolomites Ski with 145 points. The women's ranking is headed'' Roberta Pedranzini of Alta Valtellina with 200 points, ahead of this season's surprise Federica Osler Ski Club The Rainbow'' with 180 points and Birgit Stuffer with 132 points.

The program provides the Adamello ski mountaineering of'' accreditation'' of competing Saturday, March 10 from 14.30 at the Sports Hall of Pontedilegno, the briefing at 18.30 nellostesso place, then the start of the race at 9 am on Sunday morning at the old cable car of Passo Tonale.
At 3:00 pm to Ponte di Legno awards.