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Valentina Graziosi
Valentina Graziosi
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Ski boots can be used with normal track attacks can be classified into three families: boots Track Allround boots All Mountain or Freeride boots Race
The differences are not insignificant. One Race boots will be hard, very tight on athlete's foot, very responsive and forgive little mistakes. Usually to make it adhere better to the athlete's appearance will be necessary to do some action. A boot from Track Allround will definitely softer, comfortable, relatively responsive, but forgives more errors. An all-mountain boot will have a stiffness less than equal Flex, tend to be lighter and will have the appropriate mechanisms to release the cuff during walking or climbing with skins. In general what a user is in the shop has a tendency to move towards models similar to those that saw wearing their ski races of the samples; this is definitely one of the first mistakes that you can do: athletes use their boots for a purpose other than that of most skiers, also the samples completely block his foot to get the best sensitivity, open up his boots at the end of every descent and they need a check every little skiing movement, completely sacrificing comfort. Probably the most skiers did not need this. The family of the race boots were characterized by small volumes and by the hardness of the plastic, which are usually thicker and more rigid. The Allround than the race boots are wider and bulky with shoes with pads that allow you to keep them at the foot throughout the day; This does not mean that you use low-quality materials, in fact, often the technology used is at the highest level also in commercial boots. Between a boot and one from Rink All Mountain boot first change the sole and the possibility of unlocking of the boot leg. On shoes All Mountain sole must be adhesive because it is expected that the user Tread long stretches with his boot without skis. In boots All of the latest generation Mountain are always also present the front holes to use them with the sticking from Scialpinsimo and the possibility of the cuff release to allow both to walk more easily, both proceeding uphill with skins.