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Valentina Graziosi
Valentina Graziosi
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STEFANO Macori AND 'APPROACH TO Boot fitting

The Boot fitting industry is expanding a lot in this period with many stores and technical stores in the area that are gearing up to help end users in the boot suitable choice and its possible customization. When we decided to create a special on Neveitalia dedicated to Boot fitting wanted the number one in this area. Asking dozens of shops and retail outlets we found that the applicant's name was that of Stephen Macori, known to many as bootfitter of Federica Brignone World Cup and many competitive teams.
Macori Stefano, just 42 years is one of the Italian boot-fitter with an expertise recognized at all levels, from the furniture industry, the world of competitive technicians stores around Italy. It 'been service-man to international alpine ski teams on the World Cup circuit for sixteen years; ski-man for the Italian national team; boot-fitter for Rossignol Lange group paying service to athletes of all nationalities and particularly boot-fitter and ski-man for the Canadian national team. Since June 2016 has officially entered the employ of the Italian branch of Rossignol-Lange Group, he is responsible for keeping the training courses to retailers at the Rossignol Pro Shop Formigliana and is at the center of the certification programs of the Italian boot-fitter inaugurated by Group Rossignol-Lange for the 2016-2017 season. The first step to being able to satisfy the customer is surely to have a dialogue from which we can derive the information to see if it is interested in a better performance shoe, the more comfortable or do they have a specific problem. We need to understand how our customers are using the boot. While for an athlete optimal boot adapted to your foot is crucial to getting the best performance, having an optimal boot to the foot of a common skier can allow it to maximize the pleasure of a day skiing.