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Valentina Graziosi
Valentina Graziosi
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Set within the shoe we find the arch. It is not a structural element, but important because of him and his foot through the foot to the ski pulses are transmitted. Pursuing sports the foot is subjected to very strong tensions and repeated, specifically of the ski, it undergoes a pressure which ranges from 2 to 3 times the body weight.
These stresses can cause trauma to the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and the spine. A plantar good must therefore be able to: - Improve the distribution of weight on the whole foot. - Support the arch - Absorb the shocks - Stabilize the foot In any of the ski boot on the market is presents a plantar. Since the morphology of the foot varies from skier skier, the most sophisticated replace the series of plantar do with one made to measure. The first step in choosing the foot is an examination to podoscope, to display the 'resting areas and classify your foot. And '' important insomuch as it can quickly identify the following types: FOOT NORMAL: Featuring tendons straight Achilles heel in high position or slightly worth homogenous footprint without special overpressure. FLAT FOOT: This anomaly is usually accompanied by a strong internal rotation of the foot with the heel that gives way to the 'inside. The Achilles tendon tends anch''esso set within and podoscope the plant has very wide un''impronta. This foot needs stability. FOOT CABLE: Quest''anomalia dell''appoggio ground redistributes body weight, which, instead of burdening of three parts (the heel, the outside center and front area), focusing only on areas that rest on the ground with his heel that tends to go toward the outside. This is a solid foot with little plantar dell''arco elasticity that is subject to over-pressures and need to share the supports on a major surface. Depending on the type of foot and from reading the podoscope you can choose to average a plantar arch, high and low arc arc, in order to have optimum support. If you want a fully customized footbed can dial the foot through a series of successive steps, which if performed correctly give really a plus. The footbed can be hosted in a thermoformable liner or an injection slipper. The thermoformable liners are made of materials that brought to the right temperature is slightly deform and adapt to the morphology of the foot. By heating the shoes in an appropriate oven and then wearing them in the boot for about ten minutes you can get the perfect adhesion of the shoe to the foot. The injection shoes are sold empty and are filled with polyurethane foam with the base located in the boot. In this way the foam with which they are filled is to occupy all the spaces left empty and the slipper exactly assumes the morphology of the customer's foot. The shoes of new generation injection involve the injection of softer polyurethanes that in the past and thus give rise to a very powerful product, but also very convenient.