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Angelo Bonorino
Angelo Bonorino

Lange XRi, the emotion in pink brings back to the fever for the skiing of the era of Alberto Tomba

Lange XRi, l'emozione in rosa riporta alla febbre per lo sci dell'epoca di Alberto Tomba
As you enter Oliver Ski in Saronno, one of the most popular technical shops in the north of Milan, you can not escape the fever of the moment. The return of the legendary pink boot of Alberto Tomba was in the air and the effect is what we imagine, with all the guests of the store almost forced to open the drawers of memories and stop in front of the most winning boot of the eighties /ninety.
The legendary pink Lange XRi boot was presented over 30 years ago. E 'winner of eight individual Olympic medals and led Alberto Tomba to win two gold medals in 1988 at the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, becoming immediately a recognizable landmark in the history of skiing. Now Lange, the brand that invented the plastic ski boot over 60 years ago, has re-invented this iconic 1988 model in a new limited edition RX Ri. This is a limited series reserved for Lange key athletes, ambassadors and loyal fans of the brand, and from a technical point of view a boot with the latest Lange technologies. The Flex is 140 and the Dual Core technology was used for the composition of the boot.