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Andrea Ferretti
Andrea Ferretti
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The Freeride World Tour takes on the tricolor: Tricomi and Eder world champions in skiing

Il Freeride World Tour si tinge del tricolore: Tricomi e Eder campioni del mondo nello sci
The best skiers and snowboarders in the world have faced each other in Verbier, Switzerland, for the final of the Tour and have given great show. Freeride Italy today celebrates its two great champions in both ski categories. Arianna Tricomi arrives second today and thus wins the title for the second year in a row while Markus Eder takes home his first cup.
Female snowboarding Marion Haerty (FRA) had already put the title in safe at points with the last race for women's snowboarding, but nevertheless skied a crazy line by winning the podium for the fourth time in a row. It is the first time in the history of the tour that an athlete rings four first places in a row to the other. << It is certainly the best day of my life! - said Marion on arrival - with four victories in a row and the second world title so what else could I wish for? >> Second Anna Orlova (RUS-2nd Place) and third the current current champion Manuela Mandl (AUT) Women's ski Our Arianna Tricomi ranks second today and brings home the second world title in a row. << I chose a line that I had guessed was a lot of fun and it was three days that I was studying it and gradually the conviction to wear it increased. - Arianna recounted - I did well it would seem! I managed to get it as I wanted and here I am with my second world title. A day to remember >> The first place for today goes to the heroine of the house Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI) with a truly remarkable line with several challenging jumps. Third Hazel Josie Birnbaum (USA). Men's SnowboardJonathan Penfield (USA) won today's race by showing us a great big-mountain snowboard show. According to the three-time world champion Sammy Luebke (USA) and third Victor De Le Rue (FRA), who won the world title with today's race. << Before the race this morning I was really stressed. I had to avoid falling at all costs or playing the title. We weren't sure of the conditions we would find on the facade because in some places there was dust, in others harder snow. But I would say that it went well. I managed to do a nice 360 ° and I didn't fall. What was needed to bring the title home >> Men's SkiWadeck Gorak (FRA) impressed everyone with a really aggressive line for his first time on the Bec des Rosses, first place for him. According to the French Leo Slemett (FRA) and third the Swedish Kristofer Turdell. As anticipated the world title goes to our Markus Eder with his 6th place. << Verbier is always a roller coaster of emotions because the entire season is played here and the emotions entirely occupy the mind of us athletes at the starting gate. - says Markus - The desire to win grows and grows. When I was up there all my friends were already at the finish line and they called me world champion, the right incitement to end a phenomenal season in beauty >>