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Andrea Ferretti
Andrea Ferretti
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The world champions of Freeride Live streaming from Andorra

I campioni del mondo del Freeride In diretta streaming dallAndorra
Everything is ready for Ordino-Arcalís, the freeride capital of the Pyrenees in Andorra, for the fourth stage of the Freeride World Tour. The tension is sky-high because it is based on the points that the riders will be able to take home today when they play access to the Verbier final in Switzerland at the end of the month and participation in the Tour next year. In fact, only 28 athletes out of the 48 in the race until today to pass the turn.
Freeride Italy is experiencing an extremely positive moment with our two athletes competing at the top of the men's and women's ski categories. Markus Eder has been on the podium since three consecutive races - two pyrs and one second - and has now accumulated a good lead over Swedish Kristofer Turdell, the current champion for skiing. With the Ordino race, Markus could already put the title in the safe: it is enough to classify himself in the first six and given his recent performances should not be a problem. Arianna Tricomi arrived only sixth last week in Austria, but continues at the top of the general classification of women's skiing followed closely by Jacqueline Pollard. It is the current world champion and with the last two races it will be decided who will be the best for this season. For snowboards at the moment dominate the games instead the French Victor De Le Rue (male) and Marion Haerty (female). How effectively explains the video at the beginning the rules of the Freeride World Tour are simple: there is an athlete, a starting gate, at the top of a mountain, and a point of arrival at its base. There are no predefined routes, no times are taken, there is no reconnaissance. Each freerider chooses his own line of descent based on a visual inspection and his own imagination. Each of them skis his line and is judged by the judges on the basis of four criteria: LINE, FLUIDITY, CONTROL, STYLE and TECHNIQUE. Who gets the highest score wins. The next, and last, scheduled race: Verbier, SWITZERLAND - THE GRANDE FINALE - 23/31 MARCH At this link the complete rankings and many other information