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Andrea Ferretti
Andrea Ferretti
Giornalista, Freerider

Freeride World Tour: live the final from Switzerland, eyes on the Italians

Freeride World Tour 2019 Finals LIVE from Verbier, Switzerland
Everything is ready at Verbier for the 24th edition of the Xtreme, the traditional final of the Tour and without a doubt the most intimidating descent of the entire circuit
The competition field is the steep and imposing north faƧade of the Bec des Rosses, where the best athletes in the world will have to give everything to impress the judges and earn valuable points to secure the title of world freeride champions. Italy is going very fast: Markus Eder and Arianna Tricomi are both first in skiing and ready to crown their dream today, eyes on their descents. Markus was unable to close the games in advance in the last stage in Andorra, he has a good gap from the second in the standings, the Swedish Kristofer Turdell, current current champion. However, the Swede is ready to exploit the slightest weakness to recover ground. In women's skiing our Arianna dominates the standings from the whole season but the American Jacqueline Pollard follows at very close range and is certainly not willing to give up the blow today. It will be battle. In women's snowboarding, the French Marion Haerty already has the title in her pocket after the race in Andorra at the beginning of the month and will surely be the most serene today. In men's snowboarding the games are really open and there will be to fight: the French Victor De Le Rue and the Americans Davey Baird and Blake Hamm head the top positions, followed closely by the legend Sammy Luebke. At this link the complete rankings and much more information