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Andrea Ferretti
Andrea Ferretti
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Freeride World Tour: final time in Switzerland

Freeride World Tour: č tempo di finale in Svizzera
It was a great season for Italian freeride, with Markus Eder and Arianna Tricomi both first in skiing and ready to crown their dream at the Xtreme Verbier on Saturday 23 March
The Xtreme Verbier sees this year sees its 24th edition and is without a doubt the most intimidating descent of the entire Tour. The race course will traditionally be the steep and imposing North faƧade of the Bec des Rosses, where it is not uncommon to see the athletes jumping from a 15-meter cliff on a 50-degree slope and trying to place a trick in it. As for women's snowboarding, the French Marion Haerty already has the title in her pocket and after the race in Andorra it will surely be the most serene in Switzerland next weekend. Whatever happens, she is already world champion. In men's skiing the big favorite is in our Markus Eder who comes from a dream season in which he has strung together two first and a second place in a row. In Andorra it would have been enough for him to enter the first six positions to secure the points title. But, we know, he is not the type to be satisfied and looking for an exaggerated backflip as he is in his style has fallen and therefore he has not classified. Now he needs a good final to become world champion and the Swedish Kristofer Turdell, current world champion and second in the standings this year, is ready to exploit any sign of weakness to take the lead. Arianna Tricomi has dominated the women's ski ranking for the whole season and is determined to do everything to close it in style at Verbier, thus winning the title of world freeride champion for the second year in a row! However, Jacqueline Pollard (USA) is not of the same idea, following closely in the standings and claiming the title for herself. It will be battle. In men's snowboarding the games are really open and there will be to fight: the French Victor De Le Rue and the Americans Davey Baird and Blake Hamm head the top positions, followed closely by the legend Sammy Luebke. In short, it will be an unmissable race with results that are far from obvious. The weather is clear and the race date should be confirmed for Saturday, March 23. The race will be as always visible in live streaming on Neveitalia At this link the complete rankings and much more information