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Le migliori discese Freeride vicino ai comprensori sciistici

Freeride Touring Limone Piemonte: Vallone di San Giovanni

The Valley of San Giovanni is one of the great classics of off-piste skiing in Limone Piemonte; technically very complex and easily accessible from plants with a short climb with skins or walk.

Freeride Touring Limone - Vallone di San Giovanni

Freeride Touring from Punta Taviela Canalino East, Val di Sole

We are in Val di Sole to the ‘accuracy in Pejo for this panoramic summit of 3612m which dominates the Val di Pejo. The descent & egrave; a short steep ski line reached by the ‘help of sciistisici plants.

Punta Taviela

Freeride Touring Bella 2.810m Valletta - A look along the Italy-France border

We offer one of the many routes of one of the Aosta Valley ski resorts with the greatest potentials & agrave; for those who love having fun in the freeride.

Freeride Touring Bella Valletta

Freeride Touring on the four sides of Mount Mondol

With its 2382 m. above sea level, the Mondol & egrave; & Egrave; one of the pi & ugrave peaks; known of the Maritime Alps. Located on the southern slope of the Cuneo province, speaking of the same ski owes its success to its proximity to the Ligurian Sea which determines the abundant snowfall during the winter season, from November to April forwarded. The Mondol & egrave; &...

Freeride Touring al Mondolé

Freeride Touring Crevacol Col Serena 2.544m

We return to the area of ​​& rsquo; High Valley of Gran San Bernardo, in Valle d & rsquo; Aosta, little more & ugrave; 20 kilometers from Aosta and less than 10 from Switzerland to propose a real journey ski mountaineering / off-piste skiing or splitboard to deal with and without the & rsquo; help of ski lifts. It & rsquo; one of the more classic trips & ugrave; popular in...

Freeride Touring al Col Serena

Freeride Touring in Cogne: Vallone of Bouvaz

L & rsquo; & egrave proposed itinerary; very exclusive and oriented mainly towards a speech where freeride should be evaluated very carefully the local weather condition: & egrave; provided the fact & rsquo; crossing an area at high altitude where they are placed in different avalanche protection of the slopes below and the downhill slope in a poorly attended.


Freeride Touring in Pila - Pointe Montpers 2794 m.

Pila, Valle d‘‘Aosta, which is a little more & ugrave; 10 minutes thanks to the cable car from Aosta that propels us into the area that grows at an altitude of 1,800 meters, offers many possibilities & agrave; to practice Freeride Touring. The review of Pointe du Drinc had affected the right side of the valley, while today we review a lift or ski mountaineering...

Freeride a Pointe Montpers 2794m

Freeride Touring Channel of the Milky Way from Mount Querellet

The channel of the Milky Way & egrave; a & nbsp; classic downhill freeride not too complex and easily accessible in the district dell‘‘Alta Val Susa, easily reachable by the works and a short climb with sealskins. & nbsp; The text dell‘‘itinerario & egrave; proposed by Gigi Lozzi.

Canale della Via Lattea dal Monte Querellet

Champorcher, Freeride Touring Col de Laris 2,581 m.

Once in Valle d & rsquo; Aosta, one of the first ski areas easily accessible & egrave; undoubtedly to Champorcher. A few kilometers from the highway exit Verr & egrave; if continuing north along the National Road No. 26, leaving the beautiful fortress of Forte di Bard on the right and turn left at the roundabout continue for the & rsquo; inhabited the Municipality of Hone. &...

Col de Laris 2581 m

Pila, Freeride Touring Pointe du Drinc 2,662 m

The Pila, known in particular for its groomed trails prepared accurately and impeccable, pu & ograve; offer some possibilities & agrave; to alienate himself from the crowd of skiers and to admire a unique panorama of the major peaks that dominate the Alps and the Valle d & rsquo; Aosta.

Freeride a Pointe du Drinc 2.662 m

Collar Mount Scabby the Sestrire

We review an itinerary in Piedmont, explained in detail by the "local" friend and colleague Gianluigi Lozzi: This is un‘‘ascensione classic area of ​​Sestri & egrave; re dedicated to those with ordinary skill in climbing techniques montagna.P.Rognosa (3280) rises to the southeast from the Colle del Sestri & egrave; re and separates the Silver Valley & egrave;...

Colletto Monte Rognosa del Sestrière

Great St. Bernard - Tete Crvacol of 2.610m

Let me begin this journey in search of some routes & ldquo; free ride & rdquo; offering a classic ride within the reach of those who want to start a first approach ski mountaineering and exclusive. We are located in the area of ​​& rsquo; Upper Valley of the Great St. Bernard, in the Valle d & rsquo; Aosta, a little more & ugrave; 20 kilometers from Aosta and less than 10...

Testa di Crevacol

Heliski, la discesa che inizia dalle nuvole

Chi ama la montagna e lo sci sicuramente sogna di poter sciare in perfetto silenzio, su neve vergine, ammirando panorami incantevoli non rovinati da seggiovie e funivie e dai piloni che le sostengono.  Per poter conquistare questi paesaggi è di solito necessario dedicarsi a estenunati salite e a particolari attenzioni relative alla sicurezza, sicuramente non...