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Austria is a country located in central northern the Alps, the main chains are: Ötztal Alps, the Alps Noricum Hohe Tauern with the highest peak in the country, the Grossglockner.
In the northernmost region of the country are the Nördliche Kalkalpen (Northern Calcareous Alps). They extend from the Bregenzerwald massif in the region of Vorarlberg in the west, until you reach the mountains of Lower Austria and the Vienna Woods, a forested region that includes the extreme section of the Alps.
The top of the more northern Limestone Alps is Mt Parseierspitze of 3036 meters, located in the region of Tirol and part of the Lechtal Alps.

The central Austrian Alps are those with the highest peaks exceeding 3,000 meters: the Grossglockner with its 3797 meters is in fact the highest mountain in Austria. The chain extends from the Bernina massif in the west, on the border with the canton of Grisons (part of the Rhaetian Alps on the slopes of Switzerland and Italy), covered by several glaciers. The Central Alps come east to the region of Styria and the river Mura (the city of Graz), a tributary of the Danube.
Part of this central chain, in particular the Alps located in the region of Salzburg, as the Tauern Niedere where we find the famous ski resorts of Obertauen and Schladming.

The Southern Limestone Alps form the natural border between Austria, Italy and Slovenia, which extend from the region known as Lombard Sobretta Gavia-west and Pohorje in Slovenia to the east.The chain includes the Dolomites, the Julian Alps, the Carnian Alps and Kamnik Alps in Austria (on the border with Slovenia) and the Alps Karavanke presenting themselves to the longer chain in Europe, located on the basin of Klagenfurt.