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Marco Lucci
Marco Lucci
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The no of environmentalists arrives at the new chairlift of Gamberale: a useless and damaging project

Environmentalists are fighting against the construction of a new chairlift in Gamberale, within the protected area of ​​the Majella National Park.
Associations Wwf Abruzzo and Save the Bear, through the lawyer. Michele Pezone, have expressed their opposition to the project with a letter addressed to the EIA Committee - which met on May 30th to assess its feasibility - and to the competent offices of the Abruzzo Region, the Municipality of Gamberale and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment in which reference is made to respect of Regional Resolution no. 877 of 27/12/2016 (General conservation measures for the protection of sites in the Natura 2000 network of the Abruzzo Region), which prohibits the construction of new ski installations in the areas of the Natura 2000 network. "This is an extremely damaging facility for the environment and basically useless for the local economy - environmentalists know. A project destined to waste public resources and seemingly unwilling to take into account the fact that the previous plant had failed and has been abandoned for about 15 years - is in fact replaced by an old ski lift in disuse for more than 15 years (ndr) . It really does not understand what the expectations of using the structure can be now, especially in the light of the climate change in progress, which has shortened the snowfall and raised the snowfall by making the practice of skiing impossible for these units in the Apennines. It would also be absurd to even hypothesize the massive use of so-called snow cannons that, beyond the serious environmental consequences, they would add to the costs of cost-cutting, making it even more improbable to construct this new chairlift. It creates potential damage to many species of fauna, in particular those of Community interest included in Annexes II and IV to Directive 92/43 / EC (Habitat Directive), including the Royal Aquila and the Brown Bear Bear, which in these Years has recolonized the area and is not only protected at European level but is subject to a special protection plan (PATOM) revived in recent years by the Ministry of the Environment and the Abruzzo Region.