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Michela Car
Michela Car

photo by Angelo Bonorino

Emilian Apennines, 1.6 million euros come from the Region for the lifts

Cimone. Sabato 28 Novembre al via la Stagione Sciistica 2015/2016
The Region will allocate 1.6 million euros for the modernization of the lifts of the Emilia Apennines and relaunch tourism in the ski resorts in the province of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Forlì-Cesena.
More precisely, we will intervene on eight projects of which six to be completed by 2018 and two more by 2019. The interventions to be completed by 2018 are: the completion of the revision of the Ladgei-Lagosanto chairlift in the province of Parma (€ 40,000); in the province of Modena the rehabilitation of the access roads to the ski resorts, the replacement of safety barriers and the purchase of road signs in the localities of Passo del Lupo, the Polle and Montecreto (150,000 euros). It continues, also in the province of Modena, with the replacement of the rope-pulling carrier of the Stellaro-Rovinella chair lift at Monte Cervarola (100,000 euros), the arrangement of access roads to the Cimone-Cimoncino ski resorts (50,000 euros) and installation of a new ski lift (150,000 euros). The two interventions to be completed by 2019 concern the completion of the review of the Prato Spilla chairlift in the province of Parma (700,000 euros) and the construction of the new ski lift system at Collagna-Cerreto Laghi in the province of Reggio-Emilia.