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Federico Casnati
Federico Casnati
on Wednesday 9 November 2011

A new lady skis: the Salomon Bamboo


Begin to glimpse, at last, even ski all-mountain version of the class lady. The range of Salomon Lady versions are not just for beginners or skiers in evolution, or only the group of all-round proposals. The novelty of the year for Salomon is a hybrid all-round-78mm wide all-mountain center designed exclusively for women skiers.

The ski is the Salomon Origins Bamboo, designed "to explore the mountain with a little more adrenaline" for skiers excellent. Skiing is powerful, reliable and fun, yet built with a wood core is both monocoque, to lighten the structure and give light to the women of snow skiing. This ski allows you to explore the "two sides of the mountain" with a lot of versatility to the center because the 78mm is a good compromise in terms of handling on the track and adapt to the ground, allowing the buoyancy needed when facing simple off-piste. Even in this case can not miss the new year, the Rocker. Bamboo on the rocker is made ​​only at the tip, looking for a good fit curves and intuitive to the ground, without distorting the concept of traditional skiing.
As mentioned above the wood core adds stability and makes it lively bamboo layers: the ski is light, but sturdy. The ideal soilto test the stability and durability of this model is snow joke, but even a slight off-piste slopes with snow crust can give simple and good feelings. Measures will be proposed in   : 145 / 152 / 159 / 166cm with a radius of 10.4 meters between the static curve for the shortest to the longest at 14.6 per 13.1 yards passing for the 159cm will be chosen as the our market.

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