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Federico Casnati
Federico Casnati

The new Rossignol Soul 7

Il nuovo Rossignol Soul 7
The presentation at ISPO 2013, the Soul 7 was skiing over looked, touched and photographed, to which he had devoted much of'' immense pavilion Rossignol. In our tests, the track has kept expectations, and today Massimo Ramella, product manager Rossignol, explains how it was built.
Skiing is dedicated to freeride, the field of application is the'' fresh powder snow, it is light stable and fun, thanks to the new construction technology called Air Tip. In'' Air Tip rocker becomes a structure and not just as a profile on other models: the spatula is in fact full of air'' and'' bee honeycomb structured to maintain rigidity in torsion. By doing so, combined with the 50% tip and tail rocker, skiing becomes easy to turn and versatile, both in fresh snow where it floats very well, both on the track, where it also loses its grip on packed snow thanks to the structure that resists torsioni.Il weight, finally, is great: less than 4lbs per pair of outstanding achievement given the length and size of skiing, with well center width of 116mm. All this has been achieved thanks to a new facility in paulownia wood, lightweight and durable. In our tests, we did try the'' Bartholomew Altarpiece, here are his impressions.

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